ACE Hotel - Formerly The Breslin (1186 Broadway)
Location: New York, NY
Architect: Israel Berger & Associates, LLC (AOR)
Client: GFI
Services: Restoration
Property: Hospitality
Size: 165,000

A distinguished design by the firm Clinton & Russell, the Ace Hotel represents the complete reinvention of what had historically been one of the city’s most glamorous hotels from 1902.  Redolent of Parisian architecture of the Belle Époque, the Ace was built as the Hotel Breslin and was noted for the elegance of its interiors and the quality of its service.  Renovated in 2006, the newly revamped hotel has been cited as the catalyst for the NoMad neighborhood’s resurgence as a fashionable district. Vidaris completed a thorough cleaning and stabilization of the exterior masonry and replaced the windows, keeping with the building’s original character.