University of Pennsylvania - Krishna P. Singh Center for Nanotechnology
Location: Philadelphia, PA
Architect: Weiss Manfredi Architects
Client: University of Pennsylvania
Services: Energy
Property: Education
Size: 78000

The Center for Nanotechnology serves as gateway to the greater University of Pennsylvania campus, to which the team responded with a dynamic and active building & landscape.  Vidaris worked with WMA to identify a planting and irrigation design which could be supported by stormwater capture with no additional potable water.  The building also contains several challenging types of laboratory environments wrapped by a three story atrium space. During schematic design workshops Viridian focused on identifying restrictions and opportunities specific to laboratory design, campus settings, atrium spaces, schematic concepts and project budget.  Eventually, Vidaris identified enough viable points without added cost to pursue a Gold rating.

Though the cleanroom environments could receive no direct sunlight, the team wished to pursue both transparency and daylighting to the area.  Vidaris assisted the designers with annual daylighting studies using Radiance software, which eventually confirmed that glass-fronted spaces visible from the atrium were possible.   To reduce energy consumption by over 17% Vidaris also parametrically tested creative frit patterns at the south-facing atrium, radiant heating & cooling systems, VAV hoods and strobic air fans and condensate recovery from the campus steam supply to preheat domestic hot water.