Emerald Green - 320 West 38th Street
Location: New York, NY
Architect: Stephen B. Jacobs
Client: Glenwood Properties
Services: Energy
Property: Residential
LEED: LEED NC Certified
Size: 700000

This 25-story rental property is comprised of studio through 3 bedroom units with amenity spaces such as: a pool, play room, library and meeting rooms. The urban site location was enhanced through vegetated exterior terraces for building occupants, design including a reduction in existing parking spaces, support of car-sharing and low-emitting vehicles, and roofing and paving materials with higher than typical solar reflectance indexes.  Energy use is reduced though lighting design with lower power densities, heat recovery on the corridor air handling units, high efficiency heat pump and PTAC units and Energy Star equipment.  Potable water used or irrigation has been eliminated through a storm water collection and reuse system.  Occupant health and comfort were enhanced through low-emitting materials, access to daylight & views and protection of mechanical systems and absorbent materials during construction.  Because the project could not meet ASHRAE 62.1 ventilation requirements outright, Viridian assisted the team in providing a ‘enhanced natural ventilation’ path using continuous exhaust which later became a USGBC Credit Interpretation Ruling.  During construction the team diverted 95% of construction & demolition waste from the landfill.