Halletts Point
Location: Queens, NY
Architect: Dattner Architects
Client: The Durst Organization
Services: Green
Exterior Wall
Property: Mixed-Use
Size: 526,000

Part of the seven-building, 2.4 million square foot complex, Building One is comprised of two 20-story residential towers with a supermarket at the base. The two towers emerge out of a large podium. Its facade design includes several shades of red paneling interspersed with glass. The entire Hallets Point Development will contain approximately 2,400 rental residences including 483 affordable units; Building One will include a total of 405 units with 25% being affordable.

Halletts Point will redefine green living with a vision of sustainability that both respects nature and promotes well-being. As an integral part of Hallets Point, sustainability has been woven throughout the project since conception. Vidaris has provided Enterprise Green Communities (EGC) consulting services to assist in obtaining EGC certification from Enterprise Community Partners, in addition to IAQ consulting.