Due Diligence

Performing an assessment prior to the acquisition, repositioning or disposition of a property is a valuable process. Before you invest significant time and money into a potential project, we can assess potential costs associated with repairing, upgrading, and/or repositioning existing buildings, as well as land acquisitions. We can assess current functionality, water tightness and energy efficiency; assist with the identification and analysis of the risks and costs; and provide recommendations to mitigate or reduce those risks and costs. Additionally, we draw upon Vidaris’ expertise relating to our other service lines in the areas of building envelope, energy, specialty engineering, and code and zoning. Our due diligence service makes for a clearer decision-making process during the acquisition phase.

Our Construction Advisory team can:
• Make assessments as to the potential scope of work and its approximate costs
• Evaluate existing building and site conditions
• Determine impacts related to logistics and staging
• Perform high level feasibility assessments

Building Envelope
Energy Efficiency
Code Advisory
Construction Advisory
Specialty Engineering