Litigation Support

Often disputes arise when the goals and expectations of a project are not properly communicated or understood. If communication breaks down, teams become divided, the project suffers, and everyone stands to lose something. Being right does not always mean you can avoid the impacts of project disputes. The Vidaris Construction Advisory team can help you evaluate your position realistically and offer you options and approaches to potentially avoid or minimize the escalation of disputes into costly litigation.

Document and contract review, pre-construction planning, cost and schedule analysis and constructability reviews can provide an independent perspective to claims and disputes. In the event that a claim escalates beyond resolution, we can review and offer strategies in advance of moving into litigation or alternate dispute resolution proceedings. We can provide support and assistance to your legal team by preparing an evaluation of contractor and client procedures, protocol strengths and weaknesses, and project documents’ organization planning to benefit your legal team during the discovery process. We also offer services as consulting and testifying experts, as well as expert witness for testimony.

Our Construction Advisory team can:
• Assist with development of resolution strategy plans
• Evaluate strength of contractor claims and disputes
• Work with your legal team to provide a practical insight towards contractor strengths and weaknesses
• Provide expert witness services throughout the legal proceeding process

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