Procurement and Pre-Ordering

Vidaris Construction Advisory Services can help move a project along even in advance of the owner having engaged a construction manager (CM) or general contractor (GC). Key elements of a project may not be considered for advance purchasing prior to having the CM/ GC on board; Vidaris’ Construction Advisory team’s forward-thinking can avoid schedule impacts. Many times, these impacts relate specifically to building envelope systems such as curtainwall, and with the Vidaris’ team in place, projects can move forward on time.

Our Construction Advisory team can:
• Identify critical path systems, materials, equipment, or specialty trades
• Develop early procurement strategies
• Bid and award for mockups and pre-fabrication testing
• Bid and award for probing, field measuring, existing condition assessments, or imaging scanning
• Bid and award envelope systems, early trades, manufactured equipment, or materials

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Construction Advisory
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