Risk Management

Construction projects do not always go exactly as planned. Throughout the lifecycle of the project, our Construction Advisory team can assess potential risk factors before breaking ground or during construction. We help our clients make informed decisions about cost, schedule, phasing and logistics by providing an independent perspective and approach to the project.

Long-duration projects can be exposed to inflation of material prices, labor escalation and potential claims for pricing adjustments. We can assist with developing strategies during the planning process to incorporate these costs into the overall budget.

Construction risk management through effective project controls is key. The Vidaris Construction Advisory team can support your team by developing a specific risk mitigation program and assisting with monitoring it throughout the project.

Constructability reviews of contract and design documents are beneficial first steps to coordinate the design intent with the practicality of the construction implementation. Early reviews and guidance help to clarify the vision, while also reducing the uncertainty and the chance of change orders, claims and disputes.

A diligent change order avoidance protocol throughout design development and into the bid and award process is crucial. Unclear scope documentation or procurement not only results in additional costs, but also can delay schedules and jeopardize the quality of the project. Our Construction Advisory team understands where the change orders will most likely come from and can help our clients avoid them before they arise.

Introduction of value engineering and product substitutions are beneficial opportunities to reduce cost when evaluated properly and completely. Our team will ensure that trickle down impacts are addressed and the pros and cons of substitutions are fully evaluated and understood.

Contract scope reviews of terms and conditions provide proactive input when negotiating with contractors up front, or when claims or disputes arise.

Our Construction Advisory team can:
• Perform constructability reviews of design documents
• Review contractor bid packages to assess scope completeness
• Participate in value engineering and substitution review process
• Review construction management procedures for risk avoidance protocols
• Assess contractor QA/QC procedures and implementation plans

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