Schedule Reviews

Bringing projects in on time and on budget is always the goal; however, often what is perceived and reported may not be reality. Schedules slide and costs creep—even if the project management team reports that “all is on track.” The Vidaris Construction Advisory team provides third-party independent consultation that can separate fact from the fiction.

Schedule and cost analysis are important to manage risk. Vidaris reviews contractor schedules and provides feedback and recommendations to help get schedules and costs back on track.

We review project budgets for completeness, scope understanding, allowances, qualifications, assumptions and exclusions. We also provide recommendations on budget contingencies, escalations, markups, and current market conditions.

Our Construction Advisory team can:
• Evaluate baseline schedules and budgets
• Track progress against baselines
• Proactively identify potential delays or overruns
• Review general condition burn rates
• Track the critical path

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