LPI, Inc.

Lucius Pitkin, Inc. was established in New York City in 1885 to provide services to a fast evolving industrial nation. LPI began doing chemical assays for a variety of industries. In the 1950s, LPI added a metallurgical laboratory, metallurgical services, and failure analyses to the offering. Over time, this expanded further to include stress analysis, fracture mechanics, and other services that made us a full-service consulting engineering firm. In late 2013, IBA Holdings completed the acquisition of LPI, Inc. Through close strategic alliance, Vidaris and LPI will bring together the services previously provided by Israel Berger & Associates, Viridian Energy & Environmental, and Lucius Pitkin. Learn more about LPI, Inc. at www.lpiny.com Specialty architectural and engineering services are provided by Vidaris and LPI respectively. Each entity is a separate general business corporation and recognized with grandfathered status to provide professional services under New York State Law.