For Nearly a Century…

Vidaris has built a robust track record through the building and joining of legacy brands including Israel Berger & Associates, Viridian Energy & Environmental, Lucius Pitkin, and more recently CBI Consulting, C2G International, Synergen Consulting InternationalDavid Pattillo & Associates and CPAG| Construction Projects Analytics Group.  By combining these companies, Vidaris has formed a unique, third-party consulting firm specializing in five complimentary service areas: Envelope, Energy and Sustainability, Code Advisory, Specialty Engineering and Dispute Resolution.

Vidaris Service Lines

In 2019, the SOCOTEC Group acquired Vidaris.  As a leader in construction inspection and a major player in TIC for the construction and infrastructure sectors, the SOCOTEC Group has 200,000 clients with operations in 25 countries, 8,700 employees and over 250 forms of external recognition.

Our firm’s history affords us great stability, strength and the ability to expand geographically for new projects. Today, we can take on projects of all sizes and complexities, because even the smallest project can represent a large undertaking for our clients.

Today, Vidaris’ experienced professional staff, made up of architects and engineers, provides an integrated, holistic approach to building challenges by delivering expert advice across multiple service offerings. Vidaris continues to work collaboratively with design teams (architects, engineers, other specialty consultants, manufacturers and contractors), assisting them throughout the design, construction, and post-occupancy of new and existing building projects.

As building designers and system vendors continue to develop new and more sophisticated designs, surpassing present conventional practice, Vidaris’ advisory impact will prove to be even more critical.

* Dispute Resolution services provided by affiliates C2G International, Synergen Consulting International, David Pattillo & Associates and Construction Project Analytics Group
** Specialty Engineering services provided by affiliate LPI, Inc.

Our Approach

Independent Perspective: Vidaris acts as a third-party independent voice

Track Record: We work on the most challenging, award-winning projects in the world’s most competitive markets. With our success, we have developed strong client relationships

Technical Expertise: We set the standards and guidelines for others to follow by helping develop city codes, educating the industry’s organizations and authoring technical publications

Holistic Approach: We coordinate among stakeholders and specialists on design and construction teams to arrive at efficient and realistic solutions

Consistent Engagement: Vidaris is involved from the design to the end of construction, providing expertise throughout the process

Communication: Vidaris is the conduit that improves and/or brings communication across a project team, optimizing project goals and objectives for the Owner, Architect and CM