121 Seaport

Location:Boston, MA
Architect:CBT Architects

121 Seaport is a new, Class A office building. Unlike its neighbor 101 Seaport, the oval-shaped tower sits above a rectilinear base containing a three-story lobby and two stories of retail amenities totaling 50,000 sq. ft. The project also includes rooftop terraces, a fitness center, below-grade parking and waterfront access. It utilizes twice as much vision glass as typical office buildings, with a composition that is structural steel, concrete core, and 80% glass.

Energy efficiency measures include:

  • use of a rain reclamation system
  • abundant natural daylight
  • chilled beam mechanical system
  • its streamlined shape reduces lateral loads and increases construction efficiency
  • high plumbing fixtures throughout the building


Photo Credit: CCAP

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