131 Beverly/Lovejoy Wharf

Location:Boston, MA
Architect:Robert A.M. Stern Architects
Client:The Related Companies

The Boston Redevelopment Authority approved the redevelopment of Lovejoy Wharf, a $200 million residential and office space project. The existing building, an abandoned loft, was demolished, allowing space for the development of two new buildings. The first, 131 Beverly, will be a complex of 175 condos with amenities and retail space. The second building will have 241,000 feet of office space. Lovejoy Wharf’s redevelopment is currently being constructed, and is slated for completion by 2016.

Vidaris, as a building envelope consultant, was involved in the design analysis and implementation of the high-performance, unitized, precast curtain wall facade. We worked collaboratively with the client and the design team in the rationalizing of the design intent and implementing the performance benchmarks for this building. In terms of its roofing and waterproofing, Vidaris had to implement a below-grade waterproofing strategy in an extremely constraining site with existing construction and below-grade mats. The neighboring sites, including the river, demanded a collaborative effort, as the basement of 131 Beverly sat lower than the river, requiring full-time de-watering at the site.

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