55 Central Park West

Location:New York, NY
Architect:Israel Berger Architects, PC
Client:J & C Lamb Management

One of New York’s first Art Deco apartment houses, the 1930 55 CPW is also one of the most refined: architects Schwartz & Gross developed a color scheme of brick that turns from purple to golden-beige as the building rises, leaving the viewer with the impression of the structure soaring into the sun.  Praised by the American Institute of Architects for the “carefully studied modulation” of its façade, 55 Central Park West is perhaps best known for housing Lois Lane’s penthouse in 1979’s Superman and a host of inter-dimensional demons in 1984’s Ghostbusters.  Facade restoration included replacement of the vertical terra cotta detailing throughout the building and new railings around the roof garden and penthouse levels. 

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