56th Street Hotel – 18 West 56th Street

Location:New York, NY
Architect:Stonehill and Taylor
Client:Firmdale Hotels PLC

Hotel - 96,000

Restaurant - 320,000

The 56th Street Hotel will be the second Firmdale Hotel in New York (the other is on Crosby Street). The 90-room property will be similar in style to the Crosby Street Hotel with large, warehouse-style windows up to 15 stories. Several suites will have private terraces and facilities will include a screening room. Vidaris is working with the architect, MEP, and owner (Stonehill & Taylor Architects and Flack & Kurtz and Firmdale Hotels) to perform an energy analysis, provide fundamental and enhanced commissioning services, and Measurement & Verification consulting services for the project.

Some sustainable features include a “green” roof, integrated storm water management system with rainwater collection and reuse on site for plumbing fixture water use, with a high percentage of recycled content, locally sourced materials, and materials which are low emitting of toxic chemicals, low-mercury lighting, and a green housekeeping plan.

Vidaris' energy analysis if the energy use of the building shows that these buildings achieve significant savings when compared with the LEED baseline. Energy efficiency measures include, among others: Occupancy Sensors in stairwells, laundry room, lockers and fitness room: Occupancy sensors control lighting fixtures to reduce lighting and cooling energy use; Variable Frequency Drives for hot, chilled and condenser water pumps: the VFD reduce the pumping energy use in part load conditions; Energy Star Equipment is specified for the commercial kitchen serving the hotel's restaurant; Waterside economizer providing free cooling when outside temperatures allow it; Regenerative braking elevators reduce the yearly vertical transportation energy use by 25%; Reduced exterior lighting power by 13%; Modulating flame heating boilers with 87.7% thermal efficiency and domestic water heaters with 83% thermal efficiency reduce the heating fuel oil use.

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