AIG International Finance Center Seoul (IFCS)

Location:Seoul, Korea
Client:AIG Global Real Estate
Property:Office, Hotel and Retail
LEED:LEED Core and Shell Gold
Size:Hotel: 700,000 Underground
Retail: 320,000
Tower A: 640,000
Tower B: 1.4 million
Tower C: 700,000

The International Finance Center in Seoul is one of the largest building complexes in Korea to earn a LEED rating. The project pursued a two-phased construction plan, highlighting environmental construction practices, building energy performance and the maximization of economic returns.

Vidaris' energy analysis of the energy use of the entire complex shows that these buildings achieve significant savings when compared to with the LEED baseline. Energy efficiency measures include, among others, spectrally selective low-e glass, BIPV and rooftop PVs, solar thermal system used to heat domestic hot water in the Hotel and ice-storage for cooling. The project also utilized double effect direct gas-fired absorption chillers and condensing boilers to achieve over 13.4% modeled energy cost savings.

Some sustainable features included are the mostly "green" landscaped plazas and roofs (including the roof to the parking ramp), integrated storm water management system with rainwater collection and reuse on site for irrigation and cooling tower makeup, a small forest that will significantly improve air quality, a minimum of 50% of the wood used in the entire complex will be FSC certified, and "Green" Tenant Design and Construction Guidelines.

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