ExxonMobil Campus

Location:Houston, TX

The corporate campus master plan includes 23 office buildings on a 385-acre site north of Houston, Texas for over 14,000 employees. The campus features an energy center, wellness center, laboratory building, central plant, child development center, computing facility and three multi-level parking garages. There are projecting sun shades incorporated into the curtain wall facade to minimize solar heat gain on interior space. There are also large canopy shades that cover the facades as well as the pedestrian circulation below. The energy center is a focal point of the campus and is a floating glass cube spanning several buildings. It has a double wall system and structural glass wall.

As the exterior wall consultant, Vidaris monitored the design of the integration of the glazed curtain wall, sun canopies and exoskeleton into curtain wall systems, stone façade systems, guttering systems, exterior building sealant systems, thermal insulation, perimeter fire-safing at edge of floor conditions, parking garage exterior skin and stair/elevator towers. Vidaris performed design assist services with Gensler for the curtain wall design and details. Vidaris worked closely with two separate curtain wall manufacturers and assisted in two visual mock-ups and four performance mock-ups.

As the roofing and waterproofing consultant, Vidaris consulted on the extensive below-grade tunnel waterproofing, plaza waterproofing, roofing, water features, building connectors, parking garage traffic coatings, and water retention tank coatings. These components play an integral part in maintaining the overall water tightness of the buildings campus.

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