East River Science Park

Location:New York, NY
Architect:Hillier Architecture
Client:Alexandria Real Estate Equities, Inc.
Property:Lab & Healthcare
LEED:LEED CS Gold 2011 (North Tower) ; LEED CS Gold Pursued (West Tower)

Vidaris analyzed the energy use of the East River Science Park in New York City.  The facility has been built as a core and shell project for tenant laboratory and office spaces.  It is comprised of an east and west tower, a Winter Garden, and two underground service levels.

The towers share many energy efficient features such as a highly efficient curtain wall, roofs and glazing and LED lighting and occupancy sensors in staircases, corridors, and back of house spaces.  It also included reduced exterior lighting power density and regenerative braking elevators.  Overall, the project was able to show over 21% modeled energy cost savings.

The work has been co-funded by the New York State Energy Research and Development Authority.

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