Eleven Times Square

Location:New York, NY
Architect:FXFOWLE Architects
Client:SJP Properties
LEED:LEED CS-Gold 2010 ; 16th Floor Fitout: LEED-CI 2011

Eleven Times Square is an environmentally-responsible modern building, standing at 38 stories and 600 feet in height.

Key sustainable site features include a Stormwater Management Plan to control both the quantity and quality of stormwater and a landscape design that has been optimized to use no potable water for irrigation.  Also, expected internal water usage was reduced by over 30% through the specification of low consumption plumbing fixtures. The interior environmental quality of the spaces was enhanced by including large, floor-to-ceiling window modules resulting in interior views to the Hudson River, Times Square, and midtown Manhattan.  Also, low-emitting wall and floor finishes were utilized throughout, an Indoor Air Quality Plan was implemented throughout construction, and the O&M staff has been tasked to implement a Green Housekeeping and Integrated Pest Management Plan to limit occupant exposure to harmful chemicals.

The energy efficient features include spectrally-selective glazing, exterior shading devices (also for visual comfort), and a low u-factor for the envelope. The lighting design for the Core & Shell is efficient.  The HVAC system included modulation of outside air to tenant spaces according to CO2 content, and using a fan-wall design.  The boilers and the floor-by-floor DX units are efficient. The condenser water pumps have variable speed drives and the cooling tower has VSD and energy-saving controls.  These measures, among other contributors, resulted in a modeled energy cost savings of over 19% versus the ASHRAE 90.1-2004 reference design.

NYSERDA co-funded Viridian’s work in LEED-NC, LEED-CS, and LEED-CI.


  • 2011 -  Environmental Design + Construction Magazine’s Top Honors in the Commercial category,  Excellence in Design Awards.
  • 2010 - New York Construction, Project of the Year – Office
  • 2009 - Roger H. Corbetta Award for Quality Concrete
  • 2008 - Perspective New York Magazine, Best Mixed-Use Development
  • 2008 - Designed to Earn the ENERGY STAR

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