General Electric Building (570 Lexington Avenue)

Location:New York, NY
Architect:Israel Berger & Associates, LLC (AOR)
Client:Feil Organization

One of New York’s greatest Art Deco skyscrapers, 570 Lexington Avenue was built in 1931 as the RCA Victor Building to designs by John W. Cross of Cross & Cross. An eye-catching example of technological motifs applied to architecture, the building’s soaring abstract figures and resplendent crown of zigzag decoration were intended to symbolize the powers of electricity and radio waves.  Despite its almost science-fictional sense of modernity, the building is also an early and important example of contextualism: it is constructed of the same salmon-colored brick as the adjacent St. Bartholomew’s Church, the 1916 masterwork of architect Bertram Goodhue. Vidaris replaced the crown’s roof and restored and restored elements of the crown itself, insuring its stately place on the Midtown skyline.

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