Health Education Campus

Location:Cleveland, OH
Architect:Foster + Partners and Westlake Reed Leskosky
Client:Cleveland Clinic and Case Western Reserve University

Located at 9501 Euclid Avenue in Cleveland, the Health Education Campus is a medical university building commissioned by two clients: Cleveland Clinic (CC) and Case Western Reserve University (CWRU). The 450,000 sf building houses four different schools: CWRU School of Dental Medicine, CWRU Nursing School, CWRU Medical School and The Lerner School of Medicine. These schools each have their own unique spaces (i.e. lecture halls, classrooms, skills labs, admin and office workstations, meeting rooms, conference rooms and staff lounges) placed around the edge of the rectangular building. Designed to be open plan, communal and inclusive, the building provides large flexible study areas and a central, ground floor 27,000 sf, glass roof, four-story atrium and courtyard, which operates as an assembly point, circulation zone, and food service area.

With regard to the exterior design, the exterior of the building is predominantly window wall, the four‐story atrium space is enclosed by a large open trussed skylight roof system, two mechanical penthouses are located on the roof, and the perimeter of the roof has a large metal panel clad overhang.

As part of the team, Vidaris provided exterior wall, roofing, and waterproofing services. Vidaris also led the Building Enclosure Commissioning (BECx) initiative with the ultimate aim to achieve a LEED Silver status. The BECx process ensures quality assurance and quality control of the enclosure systems throughout the design, construction, and initial occupation phases. The following enclosure systems were included in the commissioning process: Ribbon Window Wall, Ribbon Window Truss, Storefront, Sag Rod Wall, Skylight, East/West Curtain Wall, Fire‐rated Curtain Wall, Penthouse Enclosure, Canopy, Soffit, Coping, Core Stoneglass Wall, Skylight Roofing, Main Roofing, and Penthouse Roofing.

Through the establishment of Owner’s Project Requirements and the technical review of systems’ design, fabrication, installation, and testing, Vidaris contributed to the realization of the Health Education Campus. Our final BECx report summarizes the Commissioning Plan execution, recommends further action for open issues, and outlines remaining closeout documents.

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