JP Morgan Chase Headquarters – 270 Park Avenue

Location:New York, NY

HLW (overall & roofscape);

SOM (executive offices, lobby, other public areas, and the plaza/exterior);

Gensler (interior design)
Client:JP Morgan Chase
Size:1.4 million

One of Midtown’s most imposing Mid-Century Modern buildings, 270 Park Avenue was designed by Natalie de Blois, a pioneering woman architect who worked in the then male-dominated offices of Skidmore, Owings & Merrill, where she designed and co-designed many of the firm’s greatest works. Built as the Union Carbide building in 1961, the structure provides a memorable northern terminus for Vanderbilt Avenue and is notable for its sense of weightless elegance. Now the headquarters of J.P. Morgan, Vidaris consulted on the stripping and repainting of the building’s textured stainless steel panels, façade cleaning and complete recaulking in 2004.

JP Morgan Chase undertook what may be the world's largest LEED Platinum renovation at its 50-story, 1.3-million-square-foot corporate headquarters in New York City. Achieving a Platinum rating is a complex process, made more intensive by the fact that the renovation had proceeded in five stages, with the building continuously occupied. Vidaris supported the team by performing energy modeling and LEED/green consulting from inception of the project.

The measures taken cover a broad range, including, among others:  tinted windows that reduce heat gain in summer; high efficiency lighting ; highly efficient HVAC systems optimized to run only when necessary; storm water management; low-VOC finishes; and building materials sourced locally whenever possible.

Vidaris' work was cofounded by NYSERDA.

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