Millennium Tower

Location:Boston, MA
Architect:Handel Architects
Client:Millennium Partners
LEED:LEED Certified
Size:1.1 Million

This new one-million square foot tower is built at the old Filene’s site in Downtown Boston and includes residential space as well as space for retail, a sports club, and parking. Its foundation was the largest single concrete pour in the history of Boston.

Vidaris, as the building envelope and energy efficiency consultant for the project, worked with the design team and client to rationalize the performance and design intent in the context of an advanced, highly energy efficient and sustainable enclosure system, which happens to be a unitized curtain wall system. This included balancing a program for unitized construction that was consistent with an accelerated construction schedule. We provided consulting to meet LEED requirements, and with our registered NSTAR vendor status, we guided Millennium Tower through their participation in the NSTAR program. Millennium Tower is also subject to the Massachusetts Stretch Code, which requires energy performance 20% better than ASHRAE 90.1-2007, Appendix G.


Photo Credit: Pavel Bendov Photography

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