Museum of the City of New York

Location:New York, NY
Architect:Ennead Architects
Client:City of New York

Constructed in 1929, the museum underwent building-wide renovations to provide better facilities for the artwork, enhance visitor experience, and reduce environmental impact. The museum has gallery spaces, classrooms, and a shop.

The renovations occurred over three phases, so the museum could remain open throughout construction. Indoor air quality was of special concern, both during construction and after. In addition to low-VOC materials, the project has increased outside air delivery, and improved filtration with MERV 13 filters. Testing confirmed the achievement of these goals. Water use reduction was another area of focus.

Vidaris professionals also worked with the design team to increase energy efficiency. The building achieved 15% savings over ASHRAE 90.1-2004. Significant aspects include

  • Efficient lighting
  • Modulation of outside air based on occupancy, with enthalpy economizers
  • Efficient, VSD chillers with waterside economizer

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