Oberlin College / Adam Joseph Lewis Center for Environmental Studies *

Location:Oberline, OH
Architect:William McDonough Architects
Client:Oberlin College
LEED:Net Zero

The first Net Zero Energy building in the US, one of the 2002 Top Ten "Green" projects by the AIA Committee on the Environment, Vidaris was a part of Oberlin College's Adam Joseph Lewis Center in support of William McDonough Architects.  With PV panels and Solar DHW, it is possible that the building will be zero energy.  Not including the PV panels and solar DHW, it is estimated that the operating cost will be less than $0.25/ft./year.  This college academic building is still the most energy-efficient of US net-zero buildings, expending most energy/sq. ft.  A well-insulated envelope, spectrally-selective glazing and shading systems couple with natural ventilation to allow coupling with the exterior when advantageous and to protect from inclement weather.  The low-density lighting system featured occupancy sensors and daylight dimming controls.  Heating and cooling is achieved with closed loop geothermal heat pumps and enhanced by heat recovery.  Vidaris' role in this project included input into energy-related design issues, detailed DOE-2 energy analyses, as well as computational fluid dynamics analyses using the computer program CFD-2000 for natural ventilation of the atrium.  The professionals of Vidaris worked on this project while part of another company.  In 2006 the projects and promo of this group had been transferred to Vidaris, and the employees of this group have joined Vidaris as well.

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