Princeton University – Andlinger Center for Energy & The Environment

Location:Princeton, NJ
Architect:Tod Williams Billie Tsien Architects
Client:Princeton University

The project’s design includes three interconnected buildings which will provide specialized facilities for research related to sustainable energy use and production. With a network of gardens and connections to existing buildings, the new spaces are designed to enhance the engineering neighborhood while meeting high standards for sustainable construction. Vidaris consulted on the exterior wall, condensation, thermal analysis, and roofing and waterproofing systems. The exterior facade is comprised mostly of brick, curtain wall and windows. Vidaris also consulted on the plaza waterproofing as well as the green roofs on which plantings filter and retain storm water, further insulating the building. The laboratory building sits on a foundation of bedrock which improves the energy efficiency of the lab by using the ground to moderate the buildings temperature. This feature is among many aspects used to meet the equivalent of LEED Silver standards. Particular attention was paid to the buildings’ major utilities, including the heating, cooling and electrical systems. Air handling systems rely as much as possible on the natural flow of air, and heat recovery systems harvest heat from exhaust air to reduce heating bills, of which Vidaris will be performing analysis on.
The lab building has a stringent interior environmental criteria which includes high levels of relative humidity which makes system selection and details of the exterior wall very challenging. Vidaris worked closely in the production and review of details for these with the Architect. Vidaris was also involved in the value engineering of these systems.

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