PS 71R- Targee Street School

Location:Staten Island, NY
Architect:Kliment Halsband Architects
Client:New York City School Construction Authority
LEED:NYC SCA Green Guidelines

The PS/IS 71R Targee Street School will comply with the 2009 NYC Green Schools Rating System. Working with the design team (Kliment Halsband Architects and DVL Consulting Engineers for MEP) Vidaris, has been performing energy analyses and the “green” consulting services for the project. The Targee Street School is anticipated to meet the 17 ‘Required with no points’ credits as well as all 30 of the ‘Required with Points’ credits and 24 other credits for a total of 54 points under the Green School Guide.

The project has been designed to include many green elements including more than 20% of the site preserved as open space, alternative and fuel-efficient vehicle parking, reflective roofing materials, water efficient plumbing fixtures, and at least 35% of its electricity provided by renewable energy sources.The energy efficiency measures incorporated into the project will provide a minimum of 10% improvement (based on cost) in the proposed building performance rating compared to the baseline building performance rating per ASHRAE/IESNA Standard 90.1-2007, Appendix G.

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