Rensselaer Train Station *

Location:Albany, NY
Architect:Stracher Roth Gilmore Architects
Client:Capital District Transportation Authority

Vidaris professionals performed energy, IAQ, and comfort analyses of the 120,000 square feet Rensselaer Train Station serving Albany, NY.  The very tight site precluded many HVAC options that would have required larger mechanical rooms, while the historic characteristics of the area required pitched roofs, which in turn eliminated roof-mounted equipment.  Given the restrictions, the design team focused on a highly efficient building envelope and lighting system (spectrally-selective glazing, high efficiency lamps and ballasts, lighting controls), as well as very good air delivery systems.  The DOE-2 analyses, as well as computational fluid dynamics analyses (CFD), helped guide the design toward a 25 percent energy savings over code.  The work was performed by the Energy/Green/Commissioning group of another company.  This group later became a part of Vidaris.

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