Shanghai Center Tower

Location:Shanghai, China
Client:Shanghai Tower Construction and Development Co., Ltd.
Property:Office, Hotel and Retail
LEED:LEED NC Gold Pursued

This 123-story building is comprised of office, hotel, and retail areas. The project’s unique design includes an internal tower wrapped by a series of 12-story high semi-conditioned atria. Vidaris provided energy analyses, computation fluid dynamics (CFD) modeling, and measure & verification consulting in support of the design architect Gensler during the design phase. Vidaris' extensive analyses have included the following:

  • An assessment of the impacts of orientation-specific fritting patterns on the façade glazing, as proposed by the architect, as well as orientation-specific shading devices, comprised of both horizontal shades and vertical fins. These analyses included the use of RADIANCE daylighting software.
  • An assessment of a TriGen system, which includes gas turbines (generating electricity and heat), an ice storage system, and absorption chillers. Simulations were performed to determine the optimal sizing and most cost-effective operating strategy for the system components.
  • An assessment of HVAC system options, including demand control ventilation utilizing CO2 sensors, an under-floor air delivery system versus an overhead VAV delivery system, and several innovative energy recovery systems.
  • CFD analyses to evaluate the temperature and air flow distributions in the semi-conditioned atria during summer, winter and mid-seasons. The simulations were used to assess diffuser placement and air flows into the atria, to ensure comfort at the occupied levels while minimizing overall energy use in these 12-story spaces.
  • Water fixtures usage analysis to determine potential water savings for each of the building’s usages areas.
  • Measurements & verification plan for the HVAC systems and central plant

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