The Clock Tower Edition Hotel (5 Madison Avenue)

Location:New York, NY
Architect:Rockwell Group and AAI Architects

This project involved completely restoring/upgrading the exterior of the building including all of the infrastructure inside (electrical, etc.). The result is a state-of-the-art, almost brand-new building. The new hotel has 355 rooms and include other amenities like a restaurant, a banquet space, a spa, and a “clock machine room” to operate the landmark icon.

Vidaris has assisted with Local Law 11/98 Cycle 6 and FISP Cycle 7 compliance, and consulted on the restoration and renovation of the building envelope including the window replacement, terrace doors installation, and facade modification. Additionally we worked on the interface details of adjacent One Madison Avenue during the renovation.

Based on our experience with existing buildings, we identified that there was forensic work of the existing conditions needed to establish the appropriate anchorage of the window into the existing substrate. Vidaris also performed and directed field testing to verify that the window anchorage was appropriate to withstand the anticipated wind loads.

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