The Roosevelt Building (841 Broadway)

Location:New York, NY
Architect:Israel Berger Architects, PC (AOR)
Client:Feil Organization

An early proto-skyscraper and one of the city’s greatest remaining Romanesque Revival buildings, this masterwork of Stephen D. Hatch boasts lavish sandstone detailing and an unusual miniature cupola modeled after a beehive, a symbol of industry.  Constructed in 1893 on a plot where the house of Theodore Roosevelt’s grandfather once stood by a consortium of Roosevelt heirs, the building’s tenants included the American Biograph & Mutoscope Company, the first American film production company, which had its studios on the roof.  The Fifth Edition of the American Institute of Architects’ Guide to New York City praises Israel Berger & Associates’ (now known as Vidaris, Inc.) comprehensive restoration of the facade, noting the “resilient comeback” of the “lovely copper cornice.”  Work also included analysis for recreation of the iron trim’s unusual cream-colored paint and replication of damaged decorative elements. The results were dubbed by the New York Times’ Christopher Gray as “An utter transformation.”

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