Trevor Day School

Location:New York, NY
Architect:Peter Gisolfi Associates
Client:Trevor Day School
Property:K-12 Education
LEED:LEED for Schools Platinum Pursued

Located in a tight urban site in Manhattan’s Upper East Side, the Trevor Day School will have 12 stories with an enclosed playing area and green roofing at roof level. Stacked within the lower floors, are an auditorium, gymnasium and cafeteria, the latter lit at the rear by a sloping skylight. The tower above contains offices and classrooms. Vidaris is performing energy modeling, LEED/green consulting and commissioning.

The building uses the first geothermal system in Manhattan that places the closed loop pining in the foundation piles.  Extensive use of photovoltaics is being evaluated, with 50 kW of panels on the roof and 88 kW on south façade spandrels, having an expected output of about 200,000 kWh annually.

Other energy efficiency features include high exterior window shading, energy recovery ventilation, high efficiency lighting, and daylight controls and occupancy sensors, and underfloor air distribution in auditorium.

Trevor Day School's notable green features include no use of irrigation water, 40% potable water reduction for plumbing fixtures, enhanced refrigerant management, FSC wood, 10% recycled content.  Emphasis has been placed on IAQ with 18 or the 20 available credits in this category targeted. This includes increased ventilation, CIAQ plan and flush-out, use of low-emitting materials, MERV 14 filters, thermal controllability through operable windows and thermostats,  daylight for 90% of classrooms, 75% of other spaces, views for 90% of regularly occupied areas, enhanced acoustical performance and mold prevention through an ongoing IAQ plan.

Vidaris' consulting is cofunded by NYSERDA.

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