University of Connecticut Health Center, Cell and Genome Sciences Building

Location:Farmington, CT
Architect:Goody Clancy
Client:University of Connecticut
Property:University - Research Lab
LEED:LEED-NC Gold 2013

The UCHC Health Center Laboratory project consists of the gut renovation of an existing facility, with the addition of an auditorium space.  The project includes laboratories, classrooms, offices, animal facilities, and a cafeteria.

Sustainable site features of the University of Connecticut Health Center include the control and treatment of storm water, restoration of adjacent, degraded wetlands and convenient public transportation and bicycle access.  The landscape design was optimized to only use reclaimed water for irrigation and the interior fixtures were estimated to use 40% less water than the established baseline.

Annual energy costs for the building were estimated to be at least 15% lower than the baseline for existing buildings set by ASHRAE 90.1 2004.  This was achieved through an efficient, well designed envelope, a low lighting power density design, occupancy sensors, high efficiency chillers with variable frequency drives 0.577 kW/ton and CO2 sensors to modulate the outside air.

The indoor environmental quality for the occupants was enhanced through both the specification of low emitting materials and individual controls for workstations to the indoor air quality management program in place during construction.

2011 – R & D Magazine Laboratory of the Year (Renovation)

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