Vidaris is a provider of niche consulting services within the A/E/C industry for both new construction and existing buildings, with a focus on high-performance buildings and specialty structures. Through a holistic approach, Vidaris creates value for its clients through the unique synergy of its consulting services for building envelope, sustainability, code advisory and construction advisory. Vidaris maintains independence as a third party advisor in order to best deliver and serve our clients’ requirements and expectations. In sum, Vidaris helps make buildings better.


Vidaris maintains the highest quality standards of design and installation of the walls, foundation, roof, doors and glazing to ensure that they produce a durable enclosure system. These systems present a great opportunity for architectural expression, sustainability and energy reduction in the built environment. Our consulting services ensure enclosure systems intelligently respond to factors of light, radiation, load, pressure, wind, acoustics, motion, temperature differentials (expansion and contraction), and moisture. The building envelope must function as a barrier, mitigating potential damages and producing healthy, comfortable and sustainable indoor environments. Our experienced staff ensures that each component is properly designed, assembled and installed into a robust building envelope system.

Energy & Sustainability

Vidaris' team provides consulting services for existing buildings and at every phase of the building's design and construction process for all building types. Additionally, we will perform assessment, benchmarking, auditing, monitoring and non-destructive testing of building components and systems to confirm anticipated efficiencies and code compliance as well as diagnose and modify inefficient or defective installations. Vidaris utilizes various building modeling software programs and techniques to analyze investment and operating costs in determining effective return on investment and payback periods. Our team integrates, evaluates, and analyzes energy efficiency measures to promote financial transparency so decision makers can be better informed about potential energy efficiency improvements and returns. Additionally, our Sustainability team offers green building rating system consulting, including programs like LEED, Energy Star, BREEAM, Passive House, WELL & others.

Code Advisory

Led by the former NYC Department of Buildings (DOB) Commissioner of NYC, Robert LiMandri, our team has helped solve some of the most difficult and complex code and zoning decisions issues in large development sites across the city. Whether new buildings or gut renovations, prior code or new code, fire or building codes, competing city and state jurisdictions, our code advisory team has the experience and the research capability to help owners and their architects achieve their design goals in compliance with the myriad of regulations. The Vidaris Code Advisory group draws from their expertise from the DOB to offer clients solutions to complex regulations of building code, energy code, multiple dwelling and zoning laws. We can work on a project by project basis or be available as a consultant of record to assist owners, architect and engineers. Utilizing a combination of seasoned code and zoning specialist with online collaboration tools, Code Advisory delivers solutions quickly.

Specialty Engineering

Offered by affiliate company, LPI, Inc., our team of professionals implement innovative techniques for engineering analysis, field evaluation, and investigation and project management. Our comprehensive laboratories with metals, concrete, and polymer materials capabilities, and fluid flow testing bolster our materials engineering capabilities and support our engineering project and field investigative teams. Whether it involves the analysis of a building collapse, the breakup of an oil tanker in the North Atlantic, the weakening of a stadium roof structure, or the cracking of a critical component at a nuclear power facility, every industrial sector today faces a growing need to continue operating existing structures and current equipment in a safe, reliable, and cost-effective manner. LPI's business mission is to assess and deliver the most economical solutions to our clients regarding engineering problems.

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Dispute Resolution

Drawing from our depth, our forward-thinking expert professionals, and our business groups, Vidaris is able to provide unparalleled investigatory consulting, litigation support and experts, testing, and solution-based consulting. The Vidaris dispute resolution team is comprised of pioneers in the façade segment of the construction and real estate ecosystems. By offering a constellation of services that spans the entire project lifecycle (from design through dispute resolution), Vidaris is widely recognized as the go-to experts to help resolve complex disputes. Our experts also work with our in-house counsel for investigatory and litigation consulting matters to deliver unparalleled service to our valued clients. Since much of our service offerings are in new construction, we integrate our approach to investigatory consulting and dispute resolution by having the ability to not only identify and opine on issues, but develop real time, cost-effective, pragmatic, and unique solutions to complex façade, water infiltration, and code compliance problems taking schedule, cost, design, and constructability into consideration. Our claims experience includes projects that range in value from a few thousand dollars to over a billion. We have hands-on experience with all types of contracts, in all industry sectors, and with all recognized claim entitlements.

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