Flood Compliance / Mitigation

Real Solutions for Complex Regulations

Vidaris has experience in the protection of buildings and infrastructure associated with climate change projections specifically with regard to flood mitigation. Our team provides planning and inspection services for owners, government and insurance companies before and after flood events.
We identify code requirements and options for both temporary and permanent flood mitigation systems for early integration into the design team’s drawings and specifications.

During concept design, Vidaris’ Certified Flood Planners work collaboratively with the development team to review options of interim and deployable flood protection measures as well as integrated passive measures.

Initially, Vidaris will review new design flood elevation guidelines provided by FEMA and discuss with clients potential risk factors including breaches of municipal water devices. Setting goals collaboratively with the design team, Vidaris can provide a host of options that provide protection. As this is a relatively new design area, Vidaris can provide access to how other projects have mitigated their risk with design interventions based on initial cost, site conditions and maintenance issues.

We provide assistance such as deployable flood barriers, permanent barriers both external and interior options and integrated envelope systems that will protect electrical mechanical and other critical equipment.

Our team will determine the regulatory requirements applicable to a project, covering Building Code Flood Resistant Construction per Appendix G of the NYS Building Code and ASCE 24-05, including:

– Voluntary vs. Mandatory requirements
– Base flood elevation and flood depth determination
– Streetscape, transparency and egress requirements
– Use, occupancy and location of utilities and equipment
– Flood zone construction standards and material restrictions
– Current products on the market

– Required Special and Progress Inspections
– Flood Emergency Plan Development

Flood Compliance / Mitigation Projects