Dispute Resolution

Drawing from our depth, our forward-thinking expert professionals, and our business groups, Vidaris is able to provide unparalleled investigatory consulting, litigation support and experts, testing, and solution-based consulting. The Vidaris dispute resolution team is comprised of pioneers in the façade segment of the construction and real estate ecosystems. By offering a constellation of services that spans the entire project lifecycle (from design through dispute resolution), Vidaris is widely recognized as the go-to experts to help resolve complex disputes. Our experts also work with our in-house counsel for investigatory and litigation consulting matters to deliver unparalleled service to our valued clients. Since much of our service offerings are in new construction, we integrate our approach to investigatory consulting and dispute resolution by having the ability to not only identify and opine on issues, but develop real time, cost-effective, pragmatic, and unique solutions to complex façade, water infiltration, and code compliance problems taking schedule, cost, design, and constructability into consideration. Our claims experience includes projects that range in value from a few thousand dollars to over a billion. We have hands-on experience with all types of contracts, in all industry sectors, and with all recognized claim entitlements.

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Dispute Resolution Projects