Computational Fluid Dynamics

Better buildings, Reduced liability.

Vidaris uses Computational Fluid Dynamics (CFD) to solve complex problems of comfort, moisture condensation and contaminant dispersion.

Vidaris professionals analyze air flow, air temperature and moisture condensation in both large and small spaces.

We devise natural ventilation strategies, quantify the effectiveness of displacement ventilation, or look at airflow, moisture or particulate migration. These effects include comfort, moisture condensation, mold avoidance and contaminant dispersion.

We do CFD for more than just buildings. We also provide CFD modeling for neighborhoods, pollution studies and studies of HVAC components.



Vidaris professionals primarily use Flovent and Fluent software, and have also used other types of analyses, such as CONTAM for a whole-building model of air movement.

What spaces are our CFD services used for?

We typically perform CFD for the following areas:

  • Large glass areas
    • Atriums
    • Floor-to-ceiling glass in office buildings
    • Apartments with heating systems distant from large windows
  • Special uses
    • Museums – since temperature distribution needs to be uniform, and condensation avoided
    • Natatoriums, botanical gardens, refrigerated storage
  • High volume spaces
    • Train stations
    • Sports arenas
    • Convention centers
  • Heating and cooling systems
    • Underfloor air delivery
    • Chilled beams
    • Chilled ceilings
  • Natural ventilation – how many windows need to be operable? Where should they be located?
  • Airflow around buildings
    • Contaminant dispersion from generators and lab or kitchen exhausts

Sometimes CFD modeling is also used for details:

  • Walls and glazing angled from vertical
  • Steel beams or columns that penetrate from outside to a conditioned space
  • Seats underneath a window (mold risk under the seat?)
  • Selecting a glass type (e.g., monolithic vs double vs triple pane)
  • Deciding on the effect of mullion extensions


Why use Vidaris for your CFD services?

We have a tremendous amount of expertise. Our top professionals have a background in both modeling and testing, for a wide range of problems.

We have extensive experience with a wide range of building spaces of all sizes.

  • From the very small
    • HVAC components and interstitial spaces within walls
  • To the small
    • residential living rooms and bedrooms
  • To the large
    • open office floors and laboratory work areas
  • To the very large
    • multi-story atriums, convention centers, museums and train stations.

Our building size experience is coupled by our experience with a wide range of climate conditions. From Las Vegas, to New York, to St. Louis, to Shanghai, CFD can provide the knowledge you need no matter the location.


Vidaris is made up of architects and engineers with experience in design, construction and operations. We focus on integrative solutions that offer better marketability to projects – and that find a good balance between HVAC and envelope.

Computational Fluid Dynamics Projects