Energy Code Consulting

Vidaris professionals have performed analyses on over 100 million square feet of facilities, including many flagship projects. We model all building types from 5,000 to over 5,000,000 square feet, as well as entire campuses. We have modeled all facility types, through all phases of a projects design and construction, and our expertise is solidly anchored in design, research and field work.

Our professionals have in-depth experience in all relevant domains:

  • Energy use
  • Renewables
  • Lighting and daylighting
  • Air movement in buildings and natural ventilation (Computational Fluid Dynamics Analysis)
  • Contaminant dispersion
  • Conductive heat flow through thermal bridging building envelope, roofs, etc. (THERM Analysis)
  • Moisture migration and moisture condensation (WUFI)
  • Life-cycle of materials and carbon
  • Economic parameters

Vidaris’ modeling is supported by a true understanding of building physics and of real world consequences. This capability is the result of extensive testing, monitoring, commissioning and benchmarking.

Proven Record of Success With Energy Modeling for LEED

Our analysis has a proven track record. We model accurately – and we anchor this modeling in our extensive experience working with materials and systems under all operating conditions. When it comes to interpreting LEED requirements, and interacting with USGBC, we have a significant advantage. Our work is characterized by:

  • High level modeling, giving a project an advantage that can make the difference of one energy point that the project requires to obtain its rating
  • In depth knowledge of energy codes, including ASHRAE 90.1
  • A designated LEED representative from USGBC,to directly assist with expediting our volume and quality of work. If we get a review that we deem to be unreasonable, we can quickly obtain a resolution
  • Working relationship with USGBC on difficult general issues (eg. more recently the removal of mandatory voltage drop provisions) saving tens to hundreds to thousands of dollars per building)

Local Law 86 Results

LEED and Code models are idealized. They do not represent real-life energy use/cost. Vidaris professionals have been pioneers in correctly predicting energy use once a building is built or renovated. To this end we employ advanced modeling techniques supported by our experience with M&V and commissioning.

We obtain results: Attractive paybacks, energy savings from 10% to 50% depending on budgets, even net-zero buildings.


We Are Independent

We do not perform design. We have no drawings to reuse, no potential interest in supporting one option over another. Our sole goal is to support the interest of the client and the project.

Energy Code Consulting Projects