Indoor Air Quality (IAQ) / Toxicology

Identifying “Best in Class” Products in an Era of Increased Information and Higher Expectations

Vidaris is poised to help. For years, Vidaris has demonstrated leadership in the emerging market of building product optimization, which has been recently spurred by LEEDv4 and WELL. Discerning clients are ready to choose “best in class” products for their new buildings. Vidaris informs client choices, offering timely, consistent guidance. As an owner, you may need to:

  • Make choices that will affect the air quality in your building or your leased space, now and in the future — beyond the current limits of a LEED or WELL rating
  • Define clear goals and directives in the Owner’s Project Requirements (OPR), so that your building will still be high-performance for many years to come
  • Establish what the design/construction team must do to get you there

Guidelines on IAQ and material toxicology, as embodied in today’s rating systems, may be surpassed shortly after the building is completed. We bring you information on the latest advances in the field with professional know-how that can see beyond marketing.

Business Benefits for you:

  • Competitive advantage
  • Enhanced reputation
  • Wider range of better choices
  • Employee satisfaction


Why use Vidaris for your IAQ services?

Vidaris, Inc. is a recognized leader in the analysis of sustainability for building products. We have specialized sustainability expertise, with strong professional CIH background. Our experience is enhanced by extensive on-site testing. We offer a multidisciplinary team, integrating perspectives from architecture, IAQ, industrial hygiene and toxicology.

Professionally, we collaborate with stakeholders to expedite development of safer ingredients, avoid undesirable substitutions and improve transparency.

Examples of active engagement by our professionals:

  • ASTM International Committee on Sustainability
  • NYC Green Code Task Force
  • Building Product Ecosystems
  • Health Product Declaration Collaborative
Why this specialty consulting?

Designers are flooded with information as manufacturers release more and more chemical data on their building products. The rating systems focus in the immediate, but buildings are built, and spaces are occupied, over extended periods of time.

Vidaris’ team informs the owner on overall decisions on material selection – beyond the immediate, but rather, for long term value. Vidaris guides the design team, helping extract useful information on materials and systems.


How do we work?

Vidaris convenes a brainstorming session with the owner and design team, as the first step. As a team, we establish goals and scope. Next, we delve as deep as asked, so that the building product consulting is aligned with client goals, and champions the client’s story. The scope depends on the project. On a fitout, for instance, we focus on interior finishes and furnishings that are prevalent in the space.

We perform the task by using Vidaris’ extensive product library, with data aggregated from a variety of sources. We analyze candidate materials that meet the program and performance requirements of the client.

Vidaris also offers in-house training to clients on product transparency and on high performance building systems, as an approved AIA/Continuing Education System provider.

How do we help?

We provide guidance – credible and consistent, referencing recognized standards and protocols – aligned with the latest research. We use mockups to see and feel products before making major purchases.


We make it easier to choose the most appropriate product, presenting pluses and minuses of each product – along with final recommendations and reasons for it.  Where there are many viable options, we develop specification criteria to set the bar.

Indoor Air Quality (IAQ) / Toxicology Projects