Energy & Sustainability:


Vidaris has been an industry leader since the inception of LEED. Vidaris has worked on numerous complex LEED projects involving campuses, multiple buildings, and phased construction. Our approach is to assess complex projects early in the design process to determine the most cost-effective means to certification, while also ensuring that an appropriate level of consistency is applied to the various project buildings and site elements.

Vidaris’ experience with LEED allows us to communicate key criteria to the design team at the right time. This ensures that LEED requirements that may affect design (e.g., natural ventilation requirements to meet ASHRAE 62.1, sizing of detention/retention systems to meet LEED stormwater credits, wall and window performance values to meet the targeted energy efficiency goals) are understood by the designers and incorporated seamlessly as part of their regular design development. This saves the team time and also allows for integrated design solutions that save money.

Finally, Vidaris assists teams in obtaining answers to project-specific issues that may arise. Vidaris has an excellent track record working with the USGBC on Credit Interpretation Requests, and on questions or comments that arise during the LEED certification process.

Because of our track record, Vidaris has also obtained the status of Proven Provider with the USGBC. This status, which has only been awarded to a small number of firms throughout the US, means we have an assigned USGBC Program Manager to help expedite project questions, and that our Certification submissions to are subject to an expedited review process.

All of this translates into faster, more efficient and more knowledgeable services to our Clients.

Green Building Cost Analysis

Vidaris compares current building practices with comparable green building measures, and estimates their first cost and life-cycle cost impacts.

Materials Research and Life Cycle Assessments

Vidaris reviews material options for toxicity and life cycle-environmental impacts. We provide product and or whole building assessments using software tools such as the ATHENA Impact Estimator Materials which calculate embodied energy and life-cycle impacts related to waste and pollution.

Energy & Sustainability Projects