Lighting and Daylighting Analysis

Occupants of daylit buildings enjoy greater productivity, less down time, better environmental quality. Daylighting can also be an effective strategy for energy savings and peak load reduction. However, daylight can also create glare and excessive visual contrast.

Vidaris uses state-of-the-art software to simulate seasonal lighting and daylighting effects. Vidaris analyzes light patterns, footcandle levels, visual contrast and areas of glare. We use these indicators to evaluate a range of design options, including glazing types, areas and placement of glazings, integrated light shelves, building finishes (e.g. different colors, reflectivities), ceiling shapes, and workplace arrangements to determine the most effective daylighting scheme.

Spaces are studied at different times of the day and at different times of the year under different sky conditions (e.g., clear, overcast). Integrated lighting layouts can also be evaluated as part of the analysis.

Examples of work include:

  • High Rise Commercial Office Tower
  • Large, 12-Story Financial Institution Headquarters
  • Library Facility
  • Corporate Laboratories
  • University Life Sciences Building
  • Nature Center
  • Zoo
  • Educational Facility

Lighting and Daylighting Analysis Projects