Vidaris’ expertise in curtain wall consulting is unmatched with a host of repeat clients and a portfolio of monumental projects located around the globe.  Our long track record spans back to the 1980’s with projects like Canary Wharf and Petronas Towers; today, we continue to work on the highest performing towers, like 1 Vanderbilt and MoMA Tower. 

Our project portfolio includes the curtain wall facades of some of the tallest buildings in the world, the first LEED Platinum office tower in the US, several institutional double wall curtain walls, many commercial reclad office towers, and the largest installation of dynamic-glazed integrated curtain wall and triple IGU-glazed curtain wall in the United States.    

We work closely with Design Architects to help forge and realize their vision for the façade with optimization studies, detail development, practical commercial guidance and proven solutions from past projects.   Our team helps create basis of design sets of details for pricing using cutting edge software and refine the an appropriate performance specification to meet each project and each client’s needs. 

We have very deep relationships with curtain wall fabricators on four continents and guide our client to them through the procurement process.  Where the curtain wall is custom, we roll up our sleeves during the Design Assist process, post-award, to achieve the most efficient design while staying within budget and getting to a successful Visual and Performance Mock-up faster.  Our review of details on shop drawings are rooted in a practical approach and backed by experience.  The majority of our curtain wall consultants started in the field and in shops inspecting and understanding how curtain walls are put together.    

We have developed an efficient internal QA/QC process that ensures a consistent approach to communication, issue recognition, and faster resolution.  It is a digital feedback loop that connects each project, each staff member and the years of experience together to provide an unrivaled service.  

We are all over the world in glass and curtain wall shops witnessing first article and routine unit assembly, the mock-up installation in a test chamber and each rigorous mock-up test.   We are problem solvers at heart.  We are most in our element at the laboratory investigating and solving unforeseen issues during mock-up testing.  

We have a balanced commercial and technical approach and understand how international supply chain issues, different standards and expectations for quality can impact a curtain wall façade.  Our experienced bench of shop and site (special in NYC) inspectors ensure the project’s curtain wall quickly progresses vertically, maintains the highest level of quality and that the entire team benefits from our proactive solutions and stay informed via daily communication, both verbal and via exceptionally comprehensive reports.  

In short, we are an integral part of the curtain wall consulting industry every step of the way and are solidly placed to help in the next generation of this façade typology on the simplest to the most challenging projects to help the team ensure a successful outcome.