Flood Mitigation Consulting

Flooding can cause physical and financial damage to valuable real estate assets.

At Vidaris, our team of professionals provide a thorough investigation of buildings (existing and proposed) to identify areas vulnerable to flood damage. A specialized plan is then developed to assist in mitigating the risk of floods. Our team will evaluate options for both temporary and permanent flood mitigation systems to best determine the appropriate solution for your building.

Our Flood Mitigation services include:

  • Assessment Reports
  • Code Reviews
  • Structural Load Analysis
  • Product Options And Details
    • Flood Barriers (temp & Perm)
    • Floodproof Doors
    • Attachment & Anchor Details
    • Foundation Floodproofing
    • Utility Point Of Entry Floodproofing
    • Ground Floor Facade Hardening
    • Temporary Sump Pumps
  • Contract Documents
  • Bidding And Procurement
  • Job-site Installation Monitoring
  • Code Required Special Inspections
  • Annual Flood Drills
  • Maintenance Inspections
  • Post Flood Services
    • Insurance Adjustment Support
    • Environmental Health & Safety
    • Business Continuity

Flood Mitigation Consulting Projects