The Vidaris Advantage
As building envelope consultants, Vidaris has provided expert advice across five continents for over 25 years, assisting clients in determining their project goals and requirements within their fiscal budget in order to ensure the finest enclosure system for their project.

Facade Design Integrity
Facade systems are an opportunity for architectural expression, sustainability and reduction of energy usage in the built environment. Vidaris can be integrated into the designer’s process to fully understand the design vision and goals for the project from early design through construction administration. Our team will meet with design team to understand the design intent, can offer a variety of potential envelope design options related to their vision through sketches, provide an understanding of the details and design implications for each design approach, with both limitations and possible solutions, and provide details and specifications of performance criteria.

In addition to assisting with the development of details, Vidaris can also participate in the bidding, design assist, mock-up testing and fabrication process in preparation for construction on site. Our goals for the envelope are that it interfaces intelligently with other building systems, is maintainable, and produces a healthy and sustainable environment, all within a client’s financial budget.

In addition to consulting, Vidaris can provide facade commissioning, QA/QC monitoring, and (special) inspection services, ensuring that projects meet all necessary industry standards.

Facade Commissioning
Vidaris helped develop the BECx standard and get it passed through ASTM by serving as a chair on the ASTM E06 Task Group BECx Committee that authored the Standard Guide for BECx – ASTM E2947. The services outlined in the standard have been performed by Vidaris for decades across all building sectors.

Special Inspection (NYC DOB TR-1)
In 2008, New York City adopted a new building code which is based on the International Building Code (IBC). In this code, “Controlled Inspection” is replaced with “Special Inspection” which is defined as the monitoring of certain critical building components requiring the attention of certified professionals with highly specialized skills and qualifications. This new code requires that all special inspection agencies be accredited. Vidaris was the first inspection agency in New York City to be accredited through the International Accreditation Service (IAS) AC291 Special Inspection Agency Accreditation Program.