For over 20 years, Vidaris’ Restoration team has been involved with some of the most iconic buildings in New York City. As experts in both the forensic analysis of the existing building and the integration of specialty knowledge of exterior envelope, our team is poised to be strategic partners with owners to help develop the proper scheme and strategy for their building.

Recladding or over-cladding can create a dramatic upgrade to an existing facade by not only improving the look of the building but also the performance. A successful project will look at many additional factors outside of the facade, including the condition of existing mechanical systems, construction logistics of an occupied building and more.

The process of recladding may consist of one of the following techniques:

  • re-skinning existing masonry facade
  • placing a new panel wall system over current facade
  • removing existing facade and installing a new curtain wall system

By taking advantage of a highly experienced building envelope consultant, like Vidaris, the reclad not only improves building performance but also can greatly reduce costs.

Our expertise in adaptive reuse, ability to assess existing building conditions and assist architects with achieving their design vision is what separates Vidaris from other consultants.

Reclad/Overclad Projects