Roof Condition Assessment and Replacement

Vidaris has a depth of experience with roof replacements with any and all roofing systems. Our method typically follows the following six phase process:

  1. Investigation and Assessment: Vidaris reviews project documentation related to the building’s existing roof. We visit the job site to identify locations for roof probes as well as conduct a visual survey of the existing roof. Based on our review and observations, we prepare a summary report with our findings and recommendations for a roof replacement scope of work program, including our determination for the appropriate system. Roofing systems vary from project to project. The new system is determined based on previous needs of the building and the client.
  2. Design Development: Vidaris participates in and assists the design team with coordinating the development of design development documents related to the roof replacement program. We review and provide comments and hand sketch recommendations for system interfaces, flashing and detailing, criteria and performance requirements for on-site testing and inspection procedures, and recommendations for materials, maintenance plans and warranties.
  3. Contract Documents: Vidaris reviews or prepares drawings, details and technical specifications for the roof replacement program.
  4. Bidding & Negotiation: Vidaris participates in the bidding process including attending a pre-bid conference with contractors and answering bidders’ technical questions during bidding. We also assist the Client with evaluating bid documents from subcontractors, review and provide written comment on subcontractor’s price, proposals and bid drawings for technical merit, assist the Client with responding to RFIs and issuing Addendums, participate in budget and value engineering assessments, assist the Client with analyzing the bids, and make recommendations for award of contract.
  5. Shop Drawing and Submittal Review: Vidaris reviews and comments on the shop drawings and submittals for the roof replacement for conformance with approved Contract Documents and performance criteria.
  6. Job Site Monitoring – QA/QC: Vidaris provides QA/QC monitoring of the roof replacement work in progress to verify compliance of work with the Contract Documents and Approved Submittals. We also provide a field inspection report for site visits, and witness field water tests performed to confirm compliance with specified testing criteria. As a follow-up, we provide a written report of testing results and observations.

While there is no “one-size-fits-all” solution, our deep experience on past projects helps us make future determinations on the project at hand. We work closely with the client and their needs to help design the level of roofing system that fits both their budget and a long-term life expectancy.

Roof Condition Assessment and Replacement Projects