Joseph Lombardi

Senior Associate

Joseph Lombardi

Registered Architect: NY

Education: Bachelor of Architecture – University of Miami School of Architecture


Mr. Lombardi has over 9 years experience of building envelope design, detailing and project management with a focus on building envelope rehabilitation and restoration. Upon joining Vidaris in April 2014, Mr. Lombardi was placed within the Existing Buildings department. The majority of his recent experience has mainly focused on NYC Local Law 11/98 rehabilitation, as well as other exterior rehabilitation projects such as roofing replacement and plaza rehabilitation. He is versed in identifying project budgets and properly executing construction documents and other deliverables.

Throughout his professional career, Mr. Lombardi has produced construction documents and overseen projects for clients including municipalities, universities, building managements, and real estate developers around the Tri-State area; coordinated continuing education seminars with product manufacturers and professional organizations; performed investigations concerning the causes of water infiltration into buildings and produced reports which included the assessment of the conditions present and recommendations on how to remedy the observed issues; investigated from suspended scaffolding and from grade level; consulted for projects involving waterproofing and structural issues, as well as the review of other architect’s designs and details; and finally, became educated in all areas of exterior rehabilitation, design and waterproofing including curtain wall systems, masonry and concrete rehabilitation, window replacement, plaza construction, parking garage rehabilitation, and below grade repairs.