Vidaris, Inc.

Vidaris, Inc. is a consulting firm specializing in building envelope, sustainability, energy efficiency and code advisory.  The company was created by combining the legacy firms of Israel Berger and Associates, LLC (IBA) and Viridian Energy & Environmental, LLC.

Formed in 1994, IBA established an exterior wall consulting practice providing niche services to real estate owners, owner representatives and architects.  Services were provided for new construction as well as investigation, repositioning, repair, and restoration of existing buildings.  Later expansion included roofing as well as waterproofing consulting, encompassing the entire building envelope.  IBA developed into an industry-leading resource.

Viridian Energy & Environmental was established in 2006, providing consulting services to assist building owners and managers in energy efficiency, sustainability and LEED certifications.  Energy modeling expertise set Viridian apart from other consultants offering more standardized service and support.

In 2011, IBA and Viridian Energy & Environmental merged their specialized service offerings to form Vidaris. As building envelope designs and mechanical systems were becoming more complex, the two companies recognized that it was an opportunity, more so a necessity, for them to be able to provide a holistic approach to these closely related disciplines for their clients.   Deep technical knowledge, a long proven track record, reputation, and a sophisticated analytical approach would allow Vidaris to provide a level of service second to none.

Today, Vidaris’ experienced professional staff, made up of architects and engineers, provides an integrated, holistic approach to building challenges by delivering expert advice across multiple service offerings. Vidaris continues to work collaboratively with design teams (architects, engineers, other specialty consultants, manufacturers and contractors), assisting them throughout the design, construction, and post-occupancy of new and existing building projects.  

Vidaris utilizes the latest technology, modeling software, and design trends together with their in-depth and up-to-date knowledge of energy and building codes to assist its clients in constructing or maintaining a quality building. Vidaris’ professionals continue to serve as representatives on regulatory boards and code committees, thereby being at the helm of the industry when it comes to energy and building code compliance.

As building designers and system vendors continue to develop new and more sophisticated designs, surpassing present conventional practice, Vidaris’ advisory impact will prove to be even more critical.

LPI, Inc.

Lucius Pitkin, Inc. was established in New York City in 1885 to provide services to a fast evolving industrial nation. LPI began doing chemical assays for a variety of industries. In the 1950s, LPI added a metallurgical laboratory, metallurgical services, and failure analyses to the offering. Over time, this expanded further to include stress analysis, fracture mechanics, and other services that made us a full-service consulting engineering firm.

In late 2013, IBA Holdings completed the acquisition of LPI, Inc.  Through close strategic alliance, Vidaris and LPI will bring together the services previously provided by Israel Berger & Associates, Viridian Energy & Environmental, and Lucius Pitkin. 

Learn more about LPI, Inc. at www.lpiny.com

Specialty architectural and engineering services are provided by Vidaris and LPI respectively. Each entity is a separate general business corporation and recognized with grandfathered status to provide professional services under New York State Law.

CBI Consulting

CBI Consulting is a leading New England architectural design and structural engineering firm with a well-deserved reputation for meeting the architectural and engineering needs of its clients. With over 33 years of customer service throughout the nation, CBI has earned the loyalty and respect of its clients, both large and small. Attention to detail, commitment to client needs, and focused problem- solving are the cornerstones of the practice. CBI provides a full-service approach to architectural design and structural engineering for building renovation and historical restoration of existing structures as well as new buildings.

In late 2017, Vidaris completed the acquisition of CBI Consulting, Inc. (CBI). CBI conducts business as CBI Consulting LLC, a Vidaris Company. The partnership significantly broadens both practices and solidifies Vidaris’ leadership in the Boston market where CBI is headquartered.

Learn more about CBI at http://www.cbiconsultingllc.com/