Jeremy Schinasi

Professional Engineer in: New York Education: Master of Civil Engineering - University of Delaware Honors Bachelor of Civil Engineering, Minor in Economics, Cum Laude - University of Delaware   Mr. Schinasi is an Associate in the New Construction division and has been with Vidaris since 2012. He has worked on a variety of commercial and residential projects in New York and the greater Boston area, with experience in both new construction and existing building restoration. Mr. Schinasi’s expertise is with various exterior wall systems, including masonry cavity wall, curtain wall, window wall, punched windows, precast concrete and prefabricated stud framed wall panels. His project involvement includes consulting through the various stages of design. He has extensive experience in the CA phase, including performance mock-up testing and oversight of a team of inspectors performing site and shop visits of exterior cladding systems. Additional experience and involvement in investigative and restoration work includes conducting leak investigations, monitoring window replacements, and performing FISP/Local Law 11/98 facade inspections.

Donald Marmen

Registered Architect: NY Education: Master of Architecture and Bachelor of Science in Architecture - McGill University, Montreal, Canada   Mr. Donald Marmen is an AIA member and Registered Architect in New York State. He has 27 years of experience designing and documenting on a wide variety of project types and sizes in the United States and around the world. Donald has state-of-the-art expertise in building envelope design and technology.  He is fluent in French and English.

Dan Popadynec

Professional Engineer: NY, PA, Ontario Education: Postgraduate Diploma in Construction Project Management – University of Dublin (Trinity College), Ireland Bachelor Degree in Applied Science and Engineering, Civil Engineering – University of Toronto, Canada   Mr. Popadynec is a Professional Engineer with over 17 years of international building envelope expertise. The breadth of his experience spans consulting, design, testing, manufacturing, installation, special inspection and rehabilitation. He has focused primarily on new construction and has completed over 50 ground-up building projects. Assisting clients from the conceptual stages of a project through completion, he has participated in laboratory mock-ups where wall specimens were tested for air/water infiltration, high wind loading, extreme seismic movement and blast resistance. He has investigated facade-related failures on several iconic buildings. Mr. Popadynec has a sound understanding of various technologies and how to combine them into a robust, economical and sustainable enclosure. He provides his clients value-added ideas, up-to-date industry knowledge and a practical know-how gained from years on project sites. A skilled communicator and thoughtful leader, Mr. Popadynec effectively manages a team of over 40 consultants and inspectors and is currently a part of several technical committees that are developing the next generation of industry standards and building codes. He was promoted to Director of New Construction Facades in 2016. Mr. Popadynec had his start in New York in 2002 managing stone panel repair and reconstruction at three buildings damaged on 9/11. He is especially proud and honored to have consulted and managed the building envelope inspections for two of the new towers that rose at Ground Zero.

James Ostroski

Education: Masters of Education - Rutgers University Bachelor of Arts, A.B. - Rutgers University   Mr. Ostroski has nearly 50 years of experience and is a Senior Technical Consultant of Vidaris’ roofing and waterproofing department, providing consulting services to clients to develop economical and effective roofing solutions for new construction as well as existing buildings. He is a member of the Roof Consultants Institute and the National Roofing Contractors Association. As a roofing consultant for new projects, Mr. Ostroski represents Owners and Architects and is involved from conception through construction, examining submittals for the roofing and waterproofing systems for conformance with contract documents and performance criteria. He also participates in the bidding process, monitors the work in progress to verify compliance of work with approved drawings and specifications, and performs on-site inspections of roofing installation. For existing buildings he performs an analysis of roofing failures, roof assessments, design of repair and maintenance programs and design of re-roofing and waterproofing programs.

Zachary Nord

Professional Engineer: FL, NY Education: Bachelor of Science in Architectural Engineering, Structural Concentration - Drexel University Bachelor of Science in Civil Engineering - Drexel University   With the firm since 2010, Mr. Zachary Nord specializes in the design, testing and construction of exterior building envelope systems. System experience includes various facade types (curtain wall, window wall, masonry, terra cotta, metal panels, brick veneer, and precast concrete) as well as the varying roofing and waterproofing applications (re-roofs, repairs, leak investigations, new roofs, plazas, below-grade) for both new and existing buildings. In 2016, Mr. Nord became the Director - Southeast Region, heading Vidaris’ Miami office and coordinating all efforts there for both new and existing buildings. He also serves as Director of Roofing and Waterproofing, managing a team working on a range of projects varying from complicated to iconic to everything in between. In his role, Mr. Nord leads design consulting, forensic investigations, supervises shop and site inspections, and monitors laboratory mock-up tests for new ground up construction as well as existing buildings. Additionally, he has experience with exterior envelope-related insurance claim support due to natural disasters, dispute resolution and litigation support.

Alberto Mora

Registered Architect: NY Education: Bachelor of Architecture - The Cooper Union for the Advancement of Science and Art   Mr. Mora has worked with Vidaris since 1999 and is a Consultant in testing and construction of curtain walls, structural glass, masonry, and precast concrete. Mr. Mora has consulted in both new construction and restoration projects, made forensic assessments of existing buildings, performed laboratory and field test monitoring, and managed field inspection services. Mr. Mora currently serves on Vidaris’ litigation support team. He has notable experience on dispute resolution and litigation cases involving, hospitals, courthouses, corporate buildings, industrial buildings and multifamily buildings.

Stuart Mitchell

Education: Bachelor of Science in Civil Engineering - Texas A&M University   With over 13 years of professional experience in construction consulting, Mr. Stuart Mitchell has played a leading role on a wide variety of commercial, multi-family residential, healthcare, transportation, and institutional projects across the nation. He has collaborated on and managed a wide range of consulting and commissioning services focusing on risk mitigation in designing air/water/vapor/thermal control layers of materials and systems, and ensuring compatibility with project requirements. As a Senior Consultant in Vidaris’ Boston office, Mr. Mitchell leads technical efforts, helps grow the business, and manages the new construction team in New England. Mr. Mitchell excels in leading teams in all aspects of building enclosure consulting and commissioning – from schematic concept and design development, through the construction document phase, to completed construction. His consistent contact with clients paired with his commitment to quality control and alignment of systems, deliverables, and communications ensures an exceptional client experience and careful management of projects as they progress. Prior to Vidaris, Mr. Mitchell worked for Pie Consulting & Engineering where he oversaw a sizable team. There, he made significant contributions to the firm through designing a growth strategy and developing an internal management system that tracks projects, staff, equipment and deliverables. He also made significant contributions to his own technical experience – he performed hygrothermal analysis of exterior wall and roof assemblies, developed an Electronic Leak Detection test program per ASTM D7877, and performed nighttime infrared roof surveys.

Marc Weissbach

Registered Architect: CT, FL, MA, NJ, NY, OH, PA, RI, TX, VA, Puerto Rico Education: Bachelor of Architecture - University of Miami   Mr. Marc Weissbach is a Registered Architect with expertise in building enclosure systems since 1987. He is currently the President and Chief Executive Officer of Vidaris, Inc. and is a member of the Board of Directors. Mr. Weissbach recognized the ever-widening gap amongst building ownership, design professionals, and construction specialists as building systems have become more complex and codes have become more stringent. He has been transforming the firm to view buildings holistically, to respond to the most efficient, effective solutions that meet performance and operational goals and objectives. Active in Code development, Mr. Weissbach serves as Chair of the New York City Department of Buildings Construction Requirements and Materials Committee, responsible for reviewing the Building Code for revision. He is a member of the Department of Buildings Managing Committee and is called upon by governing agencies of other jurisdictions to share knowledge and experience for incorporation into model codes. Recognized as an expert in his field, he assists in resolving construction related failures and disputes, his testimony has been recorded in Local, State and Federal matters, and he is listed on he American Arbitration Association’s National Roster of Arbitrators and Mediators for large commercial and construction disputes. Mr. Weissbach has experience working with LEED-Certified projects and has an extensive portfolio of projects in all market sectors. Notable projects include Freedom Tower (Tower One) at the World Trade Center as well as Tower 4 and the National September 11th Museum and Memorial.

Nathan Walker

Registered Architect: NY Professional Engineer: NY Additional Certifications: LEED AP Education: Bachelor of Architectural Engineering - The Pennsylvania State University   Mr. Nathan Walker has over 10 years of experience in repair and rehabilitation design, facade assessment/difficult access facade inspections, computer aided design and rendering, construction observation and troubleshooting, peer review, and building enclosure commissioning. Mr. Walker has been involved in over 100 projects ranging from failure investigations to the rehabilitation of landmark buildings. Mr. Walker has additional experience including investigation of structural collapse, development of construction documents, bid procurement, and construction period services. He has also been involved in peer review of exterior envelope designs for new construction and various aspects of the commissioning process. Mr. Walker has specific experience in detailing and the installation of various curtain wall and window wall systems, air barriers, balcony and terrace waterproofing, and roofing systems.

Jennifer Sze

Registered Architect: NY Other Certifications: USGBC LEED AP Education: Masters in Design Studies, Sustainable Design - Harvard University Bachelors in Architecture - The Cooper Union for the Advancement of Science and Art   Ms. Sze is committed to integrating energy efficiency with the building envelope. She works closely with developers, owners, and architects to develop high-performing systems that meet the industry’s most stringent criteria, including Passive House. Her expertise includes curtain wall, prefabricated metal panel, precast, and window wall. A holistic approach is the backbone of Vidaris’ work, and Ms. Sze works with clients to help them understand the interaction between the facade, the building structure, mechanical systems, and lighting systems both from a performance standpoint as well as from constructability and cost. Her early days as an inspector on construction sites and in fabrication shops provided a strong foundation for her current work. She is a Registered Architect in New York.